Stay on track: Stop these 7 routine killers

Stay on track: Stop these 7 routine killers

Getting into that routine that will keep you energized, and prevent you from wanting to quit is not the easiest to get into.

We all hit plateaus, get frustrated, fluctuate, and often feel like giving up.


Notice certain qualities in your behavior that actually brings you closer to your edge of quitting and giving up. Point out and focus on these qualities and begin to eliminate. When you sense these actions and feel yourself coming closer to that edge- back up and remember why you started. What is your ultimate goal?


Here are 7 things you might catch yourself doing; start weeding these dampers out of your routine, and create space for success:






It doesn’t always have to be an intense lift or burn out.

Its about getting the body moving, stimulating the nervous system, and burning those calories. You aren’t going to get stronger over night, and you aren’t going to get the best results by sitting inside. If you aren’t feeling on top of your game, get outside and go for a light jog. Set up a 3-circuit body weight routine in your backyard and go through it 4 times. Get your muscles moving- even if it is a short 30-minute gig.

You’ll feel better after.




The only thing worse then avoiding your workout and consistent healthy living regime, is the validation that comes after.

When you hear the voice in your head telling you “oh its ok- I was good today..only ate a muffin” cut it right off. Don’t even finish the thought.

1. Muffins…no.

2. Just no.

There is no validation for skipping your workout. You’ve got 24 hours in the day, and I can likely assure that you were not fully occupied during every single one.

Don’t burn yourself out- rest is 100% necessary, but don’t trick yourself with excuses. Come up with a weekly plan and work your exercise into your schedule. Stay committed.



Negative thinking


Ever think of going for a run and then think to yourself “Ah- screw this last time I attempted this I couldn’t breathe…ended up walking home”

If you had a negative experience with something you’ve tried, every time you re-attempt that memory will come up. You’re going to validate excusing yourself.

Try again. It takes people months to train for long distance runs, body building competitions, speed records- you aren’t going to dominate and hit PRs after every attempt. If you do, congratulations that is awesome. But you need to be patient and allow room for progress.

Your first outdoor run of the summer will most likely discourage you. Set up a schedule to add more time, distance, speed, weight, to each workout. Adding bit by bit will prevent negative association, and encourage you to continue trying rather then give up.

Get excited for your workout, and then you will really love it.



Fear of bulking


This one is pretty straightforward.

You are not going to bulk by lifting weights and working on your strength. Of course you are going to gain muscle, why wouldn’t you want that?

Stay lean and healthy by getting into your gym and lifting those weights. I will not get into the different types of lifts- but taking care of your muscle work post workout is just as important to your progress (stretching, fuelling, resting).

Muscle burns more calories at a resting state. You aren’t going to become the hulk after a few lifts; however you are going to bulk by following up with poor food choices. Don’t strengthen your jaw by eating way over your caloric intake needs. That’s what will bulk you up.

Be mindful of your macronutrients & ask for help if you’re unsure.


Mindless eating


When you eat something, be aware that you’re eating it and why.Know what it is doing for your body.

Ask yourself if you’re hungry, bored, or angry. Emotions can be a huge factor when it comes to mindless eating, and this is often a common issue for people struggling with weight loss strategies. Try not to get lost in your food. Every thing you put in your mouth will affect your body. Yes, your physical appearance, but more importantly the longevity of your health. Your mental state is key and you really are what you eat.

If you are feeling down in the dumps, you will most likely reach for something that will not benefit you in the long run. Know yourself, and know your fuel.


Avoiding body composition                    


It is important to weigh in.

Now, don’t become obsessed with the scale. Muscle does weigh more then fat- so if your number is high do not kick yourself.

You usually have a sense of where you are in terms of body fat. Get that checked out too, and track your progress. The only thing I suggest with weigh in techniques: when you feel like you are having a “good” week, stick it out another week. Often times we go through these amazing few days, or weeks of progress, weigh ourselves, see amazing results and then we get cocky. Stay modest and true to yourself. When you give yourself that extra time, you train your brain to work past its peak, and your ego comes down a little. Track your progress, stay modest. Reward yourself with new workout gear (not food!!!!)


Cutting your sleep


8 hours.

I don’t care how much homework you have, how much catching up with friends you have to do- none of this will go smoothly if you’re exhausted. Your appetite completely goes out of whack when you’re short on sleep… Your leptin levels go down, and your ghrelin levels rise. This is real science guys! Leptin is a hormone the essentially keeps you satisfied after your meals, and ghrelin is the hormone that initiates the feeling of “hunger”.

Working together, if your Ghrelin is high (constantly hungry) and your Leptin is low (never satisfied), is a recipe for disaster.

Get that sleep. Regulate your hormones. You will make better decisions, and feel properly energized.




Which quality in your behavior are you going to focus on this week? Stay dedicated & true to your goals. Stick to the lifestyle.




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