Class Descriptions

MB Rise & Grind

With inspiration and motivation to get through the rest of your day, this class will leave you feeling refreshed and open through the joints and muscles. As you create space within your body, you are also building strength and stamina at a comfortable pace. The perfect way to wake yourself up & gain energy. This class is a slower pace, for beginners looking to slowly build their yoga practice.

MB Power-Fit Glow

With ambient, fun, and exotic lighting effects to impact your mood and stimulate different emotions, we turn the yoga practice into a party. This PowerFit class will recharge your battery, and the energy in the room will keep your fire burning through the whole hour. All levels welcome and encouraged. Time to get strong, fit, and flexible! Enjoy a much needed cool down & relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. See you on your mat!.

MB Power-Fit

Turn the intensity up, and create power in your body.  This class is an all levels class based on strength and endurance. We call this an all levels class, because even though it is considered to be one of the most challenging, our teaching techniques create an all levels friendly atmosphere by using appropriate progressions and regressions. Rather then getting you into crazy poses that require flexibility, this class builds on strength, and works on improving your flexibility overtime regardless of your body type.  The relaxation after this class is what gets you hooked! The MB Power-Fit is what our community has fallen in love with. Those looking for a workout- this is for you!

MB Sport Specific

Our specialty in Sport Specific Yoga allows athletes to pay close attention to where they need improvements in their body functions. Working in areas that are often overseen in strength & conditioning programs, we focus on appropriate strength, and opening up in the joints and muscles; vital for playing pivotal sports, like soccer, hockey, football. We set our bodies up to prevent injury, and speed up recovery time for those overcoming injury. Understanding each athlete & their uniqueness is something we take very seriously. This class incorporates the use of balls, blocks, foam rollers and straps to get into the deep tissue benefitting muscle recovery greatly.

If your team or organization does not have private sessions with us, we highly recommend attending this class in your own time.

Modern Yin

Getting into the connective tissues and relaxing both mentally and physically is extremely important.  This class emphasizes the progression of your flexibility and your will to wind down the mind. Sustaining longer holds in poses which target the major joints and muscles of the body is a great way to overcome and prevent injury. This class preaches focus, peace, and mind body awareness. Modern Yin is a great way to end your day or brace yourself for a new rewarding week.

MB Mobility (Yoga Tune Up)

MB Tune-Up Class involves getting into deep tissue with small balls and the weight/pressure of your body. This class is a great compliment to go along side any other training. The self-message technique immediately opens your body up increasing range of motion, and flexibility. Pairing this with with a Yin practice will enhance performance and keep your body on the right track/protected while participating in more strenuous and powerful sport and activity.

MB Restore & Give Back

ModernBody has deep passion and care for mental health, and we plan on doing whatever it takes to eliminate any stigma and help anyone out there suffering.

Our MB Restore & Give Back is a class paid on donation basis. 100% of the proceeds are donated to DIFD at The Royal (Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health) to support youth mental health.

Aside from directly supporting such a great cause, we anticipate to support individuals as well by offering our no mirrored classes. MB Restore & Give back will be a class held with covered mirrors in a beautifully lit room.

Getting out of your head and onto your mat, MB Restore & Give Back is a great challenge, change, and opportunity to heal and unwind.

Empower yourself, and the community.

Core Sculpt

Challenge yourself through an hour of strengthening and working your body to develop your core. This class will be mentally and physically challenging, be prepared to move, schvitz, and feel stronger within the hour! 

Modern Flow

Embodying our modern approach, we synchronize breath and movement to take us through a lucid flow consisting of a variety of asanas (poses), which will benefit strength, mobility, and body-breath awareness.

Yang Yin Flow

Power and Yin yoga combined to create this all-levels class, a yang/yin experience will be mentally soothing, and will give you the physical challenge, while emphasizing the concept and benefits of rehabilitation through yoga. This class is the best of both worlds.

Arm Balance & Inversions Flow

This class is ideal for people who are looking to amp up their practice. Learn the foundations to incorporate arm balances and inversions to your everyday flow! Take those advanced options the teacher gives! Our Arm Balance and Inversions Flow is awesome for those looking for more challenge.