Our Challenge.


The 30 day yoga challenge is an opportunity to create new, healthy habits and break out of bad ones; to cleanse and detox. Committing to the 30 day yoga challenge is a great way to shock your body into a new, healthier routine.

*Offer only occurs at the beginning of each month.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

The yoga challenge lasts 30 days. During this time you will have access to all of the MB scheduled classes. You will receive a ModernBody Guide. This guide will give you the tools & support to complete your challenge. There will be an in-studio tracker that will be used to track your progress throughout your challenge.

Cost Per Student: $100

30 Day Yoga Challenge with Juice Cleanse

This challenge includes all of the benefits above, and includes a 3 day juice cleanse/detox. There are 6 featured nutrient dense juices offered at MB’s very own ModernJuice. This option sets you up with 6 juices a day, and a pre, during, and post-cleanse guide. This challenge encourages you to try all the class styles, and juice flavours, and is the perfect option for someone looking to make some serious lifestyle changes.

Cost Per Student: $380




 Our Smoothies.


CHOCOLATE SHAKE– The new type of protein shake, packed with healthy fats, essential fatty acids, calcium, protein, anti-oxidants, and hormone balancing power.

GINGERBREAD COOKIE– A delicious treat that will help your digestion, and be cooling to the system. Reboot and re-energize with this one! Another great hangover cure!

KALEFORNIA– A twist of leafy greens in this smoothie, packed with powerful anti-oxidants tons of vitamins and minerals. Kale is packed with tons of fiber and sulfur, which are both needed for proper detoxifying of your body, keeping your liver healthy.

COZY CHAI– This cozy smoothie will bring back memories of ice skating and fire places. The cinnamon is great for blood sugar control and the spices are cold and flu preventing.

BERRY BLAST– Packed with anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins work together with quercetin to help slow age, related memory loss and boost brain function.

COCO DREAM– The coconut dream will make you feel like your sailing the Caribbean. Coconuts are an immunity booster- they are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic. The raw cacao provides powerful anti-oxidants and a large amount of magnesium and iron. This is the healthiest milkshake yet!!

ANTI-OX FUEL ME– The anti-ox is a great source of light fuel. Giving the perfect amount of energy from a bananas source, and rice protein, the anti-ox smoothie also emphasizes health through the value of pomegranate, which contains the maximum amount of anti-oxidants. Great for the skin, aging, and fighting fat. Fruit lovers love this light beverage especially after a solid yoga class!

COFFEE LOVER– Caffeine free, coffee lover is a great way to get the taste of coffee without getting anxious before zenning out! The various ingredients in this smoothie are anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. This smoothie is built for those coffee lovers out there who care about their brain development and bone health!

BROTEIN SHAKE– Trying to bulk up and gain some mass? This shake is high protein & full of of essential fatty acids. Gaining weight on the “see food” diet, and by eating junk will not give you the good kind of weight…you will be covering those big lean muscles with fat. Do it right and fuel your body with the proper nutrition and calorie counts.

 Our Juices.


THE MODERN– Detoxifying, purifying, nutrient dense. This juice is our classic juice- easy going down the taste is very light and easy to start with if you are not use to heavy juicing.

GINGER LOVE– Stress reducing, anti-neausea, liver flushing. A little stronger to the palate, this juice is very powerful for cleansing and flushing out the body. After a crazy night out, or a bad week of cheat meals, this juice will go right through ya! Ginger has a very strong anti-nausea power to it. Great juice for pregnant women and party animals!

LIVER CLEANSE– Blood building, kidney flushing, and skin cleansing- with a beet base, this juice is great for mental health.

LUNG LOVER– A lemonade with kick! This delicious juice is very powerful for fighting virus. The liquid cayenne adds some extra benefit to the mix without fussing with the refreshing taste. A virus fighter, metabolism booster, and anti-inflammatory- the lung lover will save you any day of the week.

YELLOW BRICK ROAD– This juice is a fantastic digestive aid and tummy soother. It is immunizing and refreshing. Great for hydration as always! Grab one of these before heading into the hot room.

THE GREEN BIN– This juice is full of great greens. If you tend to back away from greens and salads, this is a refreshing way to get it in you. Very strengthening for the bones, energizing, and alkalizing which means balancing out all the acids in the body. When the body is in healthy alkaline balance, germs and bacteria are less likely to group and form- thus preventing disease.