No more body-image skewing and discomfort: “Beat The Bloat”

No more body-image skewing and discomfort: “Beat The Bloat”




The cursing bloat that some ladies are blessed with each month, or men find themselves dealing with after eating their overloaded plate of Chinese food. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat that lone star without wanting to unbuckle your pants and head straight to bed immediately after?


You hear people complain about water retention- which can be linked to an overload of sodium in your diet- or bloating, which is linked to difficult-to-digest foods and gassiness. Both circumstances will cause swelling, put you in discomfort, and probably skew your body image.


I’m not going to give you a list of things to avoid because everyone’s different. I am going to tell you that you are most likely experiencing two possible things: what it feels like to have excessive contents in the intestine, or your poor diet coming back to bite you.


Two major steps I have been taking, and like to advise people to take to prevent or decrease the severity of the issue are the following:


  1. Creating better balance 


Your total diet should be consistent. If you are limiting yourself to certain foods, and then all of the sudden go on a sugar craze or refined carbohydrate overload- your body is not going to know what to do with everything (often something ladies find themselves dealing with when they get those monthly cravings). It is not fair to give your body strict and serious treatment for 3 weeks, and then slap it with a full week of “cheating”. If you are true to your lifestyle, consistency will be your priority and you will never need to “cheat”. Re-think your options, be aware of your sugar and sodium intake.


The deficiencies in your strict and limited diet (if that is the route you have taken) are probably going to lead to issues with water retention. Consuming the excess refined products are going to cause a bloating effect in your belly. Following our guides for standard plate portions would be a great start in creating balanced meals, preventing overconsumption, which is essentially what bloating is. You want to feed yourself to live, not live to feed yourself.



  1. Slowing Down



Sounds very cliché, and you are probably rolling your eyes.

Taking time to eat and digest your food can be a complete game changer for your weight loss journey, and improve the overall experience of satiety (state of feeling full during and after meals).  Satiety signals could range anywhere between 12-20 minutes to reach your brain and regulate your appetite.

Not only does slowing down actually impact your hunger and fullness, but it effects the quality of digestion and impacts what you are getting out of the food you eat. Chewing for a longer period of time will literally break down your food into smaller particles, making it easier to digest. It will put your food in contact with your saliva for longer, which contains digestive enzymes (example: lipase which is an enzyme released to help break down and absorb fats)




…. better quality in digestion, less bloating, less discomfort!


Of course there are many other factors, many other solutions, and endless circumstances as to why you might find yourself bloating more often then what is regular.  This is when I emphasize bio individuality and continuously preach/display the two techniques of balance, and a slower pace. Our bodies appreciate these actions regardless of our genetic makeup or energy output.




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