Hana’s Story

Hana’s Story

My name is Hana Engel and I am from Ottawa, Ontario. I’m so excited to finally share the Modern Body lifestyle with all of you! Here is my story and how I became the woman I am today.

I struggled with my weight for years. I hated my body, I was unhappy and I just wanted to be a ‘skinny’ girl. My initial step was going to the public gym to purchase a membership, followed by a few sessions with a personal trainer. Once I was confident enough, I began going to the gym regularly on my own or with friends. This training method wasn’t working out due to inconsistency and lack of motivation. My next step is where i became dedicated and joined a new gym doing high intensity circuit training classes. This is when I became absolutely dedicated. The feeling was great. I felt like a million bucks after class. It even came to the point where I was taking 3 consecutive classes (3 million bucks, not too bad).

Still with not as much progress as I was expecting I decided to switch to a new gym. This is when I hired my personal trainer, Adam Bracken. We took things to a whole new level. Once I started with Adam, my curiosity started shining through. I loved being in the gym and I developed the motivation and determination to become fit and healthy, rather then wake up ‘skinny’. Being the curious person I am, I started doing my own re-search on physical health, strength, wellness and whatever I could get my hands on to further educate myself for my own progress. I gave almost every single diet fad a go, and saw my body react and change based on how I was fuelling my body. The ‘Eureka’ moment came when I started to work on my wellness outside of the gym.

I introduced myself to a regular yoga practice. I had mixed emotions about it- there were things I loved and things I hated. A couple weeks into regular practice, I noticed my performance in the gym had improved drastically. I was able to perfect my squat and get through a workout with proper form, eventually allowing me to lift heavier which was a bonus! The reason why I get so excited about the progression of my squat is because I had double hip surgery at the age of 16 (Femoroacetabular impingement). Five years later, my hips have never been more open in my life. Taking different courses on anatomy, and how the human body functions, clearly outlined what I needed to do for maximum benefits. Yoga worked. I was able to create a better version of myself by treating my body how it needed to be treated. Not how the body builder at the gym treated his.

Shortly after I started feeling great again I had a crash. My performance in the gym was depressing. Sometimes I couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning. My yoga practice had slowed down, and I was feeling sick and groggy 24/7. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which is inflammation in the intestines. I was able to moderate the pain by refusing heavy drugs like prednisone, and being more mindful of how I could possibly cure myself before getting to an extremely severe point. I pushed myself to continue my regular routine including my workouts and yoga practices, because I knew staying in bed was not the answer. Keeping my head up in school became challenging, but my passion and care for fitness and health never slowed down. I became crazy about nutrition, and needed to know what everything was doing to my body, and how it was breaking down inside me once ingested. Since my physical body was feeling weaker, I was being extra cautious of what I was eating and drinking.

After a ton of experimenting, starting my school with the International Integrative Nutrition brought me to my official conclusion. My mind can be absolutely calm, and my body can be ripped if I want it to be regardless of any injury or disease. It will just take time, effort, and dedication. This was exactly it.

I dedicated myself to my belief that if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it. For me, this meant gathering information to back up my facts and learn about how I was leading my life, if I was taking the proper action to get where I wanted to be. I needed to know if it was accurate and sustainable for the person I am. I was sick of hearing peoples bias opinions that maybe you should cut all carbs out of your diet forever, girls should only run on the treadmill, don’t lift weights because you will get too bulky, or not to go to yoga because that would be over-working your body. I want to live a normal life and look good. Don’t you? Through trial and error I discovered and created a plan that worked for me and brought me to total satisfaction. Its not a diet, its not a trend, and its not a magical pill. Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.36.46 PM

I know that anyone can get exactly where they want to be in their physical and mental state. You just need to understand that you are unique & need something built completely for your individual body. Looking good and feeling good, work well together. If you remove one quality from the equation, the other will weaken. You are able to achieve the best results without going through the tiresome experimenting I went through, regardless of your physical and mental weaknesses.

Your own performance is a huge factor in your total wellness. Taking care of your body so you can preform at your absolute best in whatever you do is key. Whether you play a professional sport, sit at a desk all day, or are constantly busy taking care of your family. The appropriate steps are available for you and I would love to help you take the next one.

I am happy to share my passion with everyone, and look forward to helping you discover your most Modern Body through Yoga, Nutrition, and Wellness.

— with Hana Engel.


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