“Summer Body”: Eating For The Season, Sustaining Your Glow

“Summer Body”: Eating For The Season, Sustaining Your Glow

Most people, especially in our Canadian climate, wonder why we suddenly “get fat” during the winter and all of the sudden become fit during the summer. It isn’t mad science. It is most likely the common act of not changing your diet according to the season.

We often oversee that our appetite changes with climate, when we are craving those heartier foods in the winter, and our activity level drops because we would rather be in bed.. pretty much explains the dilemma for itself. You’re probably wondering, how can you prevent that winter layer? How can you increase that summer lean-out? Its pretty easy. Take a look at the 3 ways you can sustain that beautiful summer-glow!


1)   Water Intake

Our water intake drops significantly during the winter. Possibly because a cold bottle of water is the last thing we feel like chugging in -30 degrees. We tend to grab our water bottles much faster during the summertime when we’re spending time in the heat working on our tans (with sunscreen so we don’t become leather bags). This also means we are most likely dehydrating ourselves in the winter, which is not good! When you deprive your body of its much needed H20, it tends to trick your brain into thinking you are hungry for things you probably are not hungry for. Make it your job to drink those 4L of water a day during the winter. You will feel full longer, which will prevent eating out of boredom.


2)   Seasonal Foods

Foods like watermelon, celery, cucumber, which are made up of majority of water, are usually consumed in the summertime while we are living our most active lifestyle. Your calorie intake becomes lower, and your energy output becomes higher.. of course you’re going to loose weight! In the winter, we tend to go for those heartier vegetables like squash, potatoes, and starchier meals because they become available for us in terms of farming and harvesting. Yes, as we will grab for those options because they become available (and are delicious), you should not avoid those!! We just need to step up our game when it comes to physical activity in the winter. The cucumber and celery options are still available, so balance your foods. As you’re eating habits change with the season, so shall your exercise! Stay loyal to your body.


3) Vitamins for skin complexion and energy (Vitamin-D)

If you’re living in a colder climate like Canada, we only really get sun exposure a few months out of the year. Sure, the sun is still available to us during the winter but you will be a fool catching rays outside in -600000 degrees. We tend to bundle up and stay indoors when the fall chill starts creeping up on us. Basically saying, come October, start thinking about adding some Vitamin D supplement to your diet. A pro-biotic and vitamin D addition, could boost your energy levels, prevent grogginess, and maintain a great skin complexion. Now, this does not mean grabbing the Sunny-D and mixing it with your choice of Vodka! Stay aware of how you are consuming these important minerals, be sure they are really settling into your body the way you want them to.



Skip the winter blues this year and as we change with the season, grow with it too. Beat the system and keep your summer glow, and summer body all year round! It is possible :)


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